About Web Shield

What is Web Shield?

Web Shield is a free application that allows you to view insightful analysis about the websites that you visit and specifically how they're tracking you online.

How does it work?

After you install Web Shield, follow these steps:

  1. Bookmark the Web Shield "App Page" here: http://www.webshieldonline.com/app.html

  2. Use the internet as you normally would.
  3. Visit the "App Page", and you'll find a report that shows you what websites or services are tracking you!

Web Shield cannot determine exactly who is tracking your computer usage. Instead, Web Shield allows a user to see which websites have placed tracking code onto their computer. As a result, Web Shield provides the user the freedom to decide which 'trackers' they would like to block or allow. The purpose of Web Shield is to provide users with visibility into the various entities that are tracking pieces of information about them, including user browsing habits, and gives users some power to control this experience.

What browsers do you support?

Internet Explorer 8+, FireFox 3.5+ and Google Chrome. We currently only support Microsoft Windows operating system (check back in the future for Mac support!)

Where can I get install instructions for my browser?

You can get a quick, simple set of instructions for installing Web Shield using your current browser via our
Install Steps page.

Is Web Shield safe to use?

Yes, Web Shield is safe to use and was built with security and privacy as a primary concern.

Is Web Shield free?

Yes, Web Shield is entirely free to use. In order to keep Web Shield free, we've partnered with high-quality ad providers and you may see additional ads when Web Shield is installed. We do not allow any really annoying ads, sexual content, or intrusive media; we've only partnered with high-quality ad providers to deliver the best user experience possible, while also trying to help with some of our costs to keep Web Shield free. If you find any ads annoying, please let us know.

Upgrading Web Shield

Upgrading your installation will allow you to block the trackers that you choose. Be aware that one side effect of blocking trackers is that some website advertisements will also be blocked. That's right. We block trackers and some ads.

NOTE: In order to see the upgraded functionality of Web Shield, you may need to clear your browser cache. If you do not clear your browser cache, it can take up to an hour to see the new functionality. Pressing the Ctrl+Shift+Del keys at the same time will do this for most modern browsers.

What exactly gets installed on my computer?

All of the files for Web Shield are installed in the standard program files location - there is no funny business or extra files added. Included in those files is an un-installer that is also registered to appear in your computer's 'Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs' section. There are also a few registry settings added to your Windows Registry that are required for the normal operation of your app, but there is nothing strange or out of the ordinary here, either.

What are additional offers?

In some cases, we may display product offers during your installation process. Of course, you will have the ability to accept or pass on these offers. We try our very best to make sure any product offering follows best practices and actually provides something of value to you. For example, you may be given the option to install a search toolbar during installation, which looks like this:


These offers make it more efficient to search the web by providing you with multiple places to search from (an additional search field, your home page or via opening a new browser tab). Included with these toolbars are typically widgets that provide new ways to access your favorite websites, social networking platforms and news sources. They also may offer general utility widgets like getting real-time weather data and streaming your radio station of choice. At any point, if you decide to uninstall Web Shield, instructions for how to uninstall additional offers will also be provided.

If I don't like it, is it easy to uninstall?

Yes, we strive to make uninstalling Web Shield as easy as possible (we hate annoying un-installers as much as you do). If you don't like Web Shield (but we're sure you will!), you can uninstall with no trace left behind. In order to do this, please follow these steps:

Sounds Awesome! But, I have some more questions.

We'd love to help. For questions, comments or support, we provide the following options:
Email: support@webshieldonline.com

Physical Mail Address:
P.O. Box 8063
Oistins, Christ Church, BB17000, Barbados

Physical Mail Address
P.O. Box 8063  •  Oistins, Christ Church, BB17000, Barbados